This century demands higher ed be more flexible, more affordable, and better at meeting our need for continual learning.

– Jeff Selingo

New York Times Notable Book of 2020

Who Gets In and Why


New York Times Notable Book of 2020

Who Gets In and Why

Journalist and higher education author Jeff Selingo gives you a peek behind the curtain of elite college admissions. He spent a year embedded in the selection process at the University of Washington, Emory University, and Davidson College. He followed a group of high-school seniors through the college search. And he introduces you to the players behind-the-scenes — the marketers, the financial-aid consultants, and the rankers — influencers who have an outsized role in who gets in and why.

The result is a narrative that dispels entrenched notions of how to compete and win at the admissions game, revealing that teenagers and parents have much to gain by broadening their notion of what qualifies as a “good college.”

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Jeff harnesses a bank of knowledge from his years monitoring, reporting, and digging deep within the higher ed industry.
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As an author and journalist, Jeff has demonstrated his ability to translate and explain complicated ideas to a general audience. He has been quoted and his work on the future of higher education mentioned in newspapers and magazines ranging from The New York Times to The Economist (and even Food Network Magazine). He has appeared live on CBS, CNBC, CNN, and MSNBC, and been interviewed by NPR’s Morning Edition and CNN’s Michael Smerconish.

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Which Colleges Are Really Buyers and Which Are Sellers

A new way to think about your college list: the Buyers and Sellers.

NEW, updated for 2024.

While cost is a concern, families have only a hazy idea of what their tuition bill might look like. So they don’t think about the price of college until it’s too late.

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White Paper

Making the Bachelor’s Degree More Valuable

Employers, including state governments, are dropping degree requirements for their jobs. Combined with the high cost of college, this has increased skepticism about the value of a bachelor’s degree. Using real labor market data, The Burning Glass Institute has researched where the wage premium of a B.A. still exists. Jeff Selingo and Matt Sigelman interpret the data in this new paper to show where the degree still works, where it doesn’t, and how colleges and universities can redesign their B.A. programs to increase ROI.


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Whether you represent a high-school association of parents and want to tap his expertise in getting behind the admissions process or understanding financial aid or you’re from a college or corporation and want to explore how the future of work will impact education and the war for talent, Jeff harnesses a bank of knowledge from his years monitoring, reporting, and digging deep within the higher ed industry.
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