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How to Ensure Upskilling for All

Watch on Demand. Education providers, a working learner, and an employer described innovations that are helping individuals understand skills needed for the future, and research career growth opportunities. Employers and educators need to clearly identify skills, have systems that manage data about skills, and collaborate to determine appropriate time duration of programs. With support from Jobs for the Future.


Preparing Students for a Future of AI

Watch on Demand. “One of the best webinars I’ve attended on AI,” said an attendee. Leaders in teaching with AI were candid about the challenges and described how use of AI in courses is reshaping faculty and student roles. Learning becomes experiential, so students practice the skills needed in this period of rapid technological change. With support from Workday.

New Signals of Job Preparedness

New Signals of Job Preparedness

Watch on Demand. A conversation with experts about how skills-based hiring is shaping the future of work. Panelists explained the career progression aspects, alternate training programs for learners, and the importance of collaboration between educators and employers to align terminology and outcomes. With support from the Charles Koch Foundation.


Applying AI to Improve Courses, Teaching, and Learning

Watch on Demand. Detailed examples of how student use of generative AI in courses can increase their engagement and deepen their learning. Four experts on the emerging uses of AI in teaching and generating knowledge shared how their usage has progressed, and why the benefits outweigh the limitations. With support from Coursera.


Using AI to Improve Student Pathways Through Higher Ed

Watch on Demand. Panelists shared how their institutions are using AI to ease students’ administrative processes, and the future possibilities they look forward to. The discussion included how they were able to measure results soon after implementation and build support to continue. With support from AWS.

How Students Want Their Learner Experience Improved June 20

How Students Want Their Learner Experience Improved

Watch On Demand. Results of a recent survey of college students about their transition to college, and their experiences in college. Panelists commented on the survey findings and described ways their institutions are using feedback from students to improve the student experience. With support from Qualtrics.


Designing for a New Era of Student Success

Watch On Demand. An interactive discussion about aspects of the student experience that institutions have been redesigning to increase student success. The panelists discussed initiatives related to belonging, academic progress, predictive technology, and the role of simulations in learning. With support from AWS.

Thumbnail showing speakers for Remaking the Bachelor's Degree for a New Economy

Remaking the Bachelor’s Degree for a New Economy

Watch On Demand. Two panels presented new research about the wage premium of a degree, and which skills when added with a degree provide benefits in salaries and mobility. The conversation included ways to embed hands-on learning, employer partnerships, and transparency about outcomes by major. With support from Workday.

Improving the Pipeline from Education to Work Thumbnail

Improving the Pipeline from Education to Work

Watch On Demand. Innovation is underway in the pathways from education to jobs. A panel shared specific examples including micro-internships, wrap-around support services, and improved transfer pathways. With support from the Charles Koch Foundation.

The New Learning Economy Thumbnail

The New Learning Economy

Watch On Demand. An interactive discussion about how colleges and universities are offering new forms of training and micro-credentials. The panelists shared factors including creating new revenue streams, involving faculty in decision processes, and helping students understand their options. With support from Cengage.

New Models for Teaching Learning Outcomes Thumbnail

New Models for Teaching, Learning, and Outcomes

Watch On Demand. A panel discussed different methods for recognizing learning completed outside as well as inside the classroom, and how institutions are classified, to help students find the right fit to meet their needs for growth and training. With Support from the Charles Koch Foundation.

Serving the Needs of the Flexible Learner of the Future

Serving the Needs of the Flexible Learner of the Future

Watch On Demand. Serving the Needs of the Flexible Learner of the Future. To attract adult students who are balancing multiple pressures, colleges need to modify processes and provide flexibility. In this webcast a panel of experts describe programs that are succeeding in attracting and serving this new generation of learners. With Support from the Charles Koch Foundation.

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