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PBS NewsHour

Colleges adapt admissions programs in wake of affirmative action ruling
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RIP SAT? Harvard makes standardized tests optional through 2026

PBS NewsHour

Why colleges are reconsidering their reliance on standardized tests for admission

New York Times Book Review

Book Review: Who Gets in and Why

Talk with Tom McGrath

The College Admissions Game: Who Gets In and Why

New York Times

College Admissions in the Pandemic: An Expert’s View


College admissions is a business, and the pandemic could upend it.

NY Times – Frank Bruni

The Coronavirus May Change College Admissions Forever | Frank Bruni


Wall Street Journal

Despite the Supreme Court’s rejection of affirmative action, schools will find ways to ‘shape’ their classes to keep up minority enrollment.

Fast Company

Given ever-spiraling tuition prices, campuses are under pressure from parents and lawmakers alike to better prepare students for the workforce. In response, colleges are increasingly emphasizing their “experiential learning” offerings, mostly with co-ops and internships. Now one coffee company has gone a step further.
NY Magazine

New York Magazine

The mass pivot to a test-optional approach reshuffled college admissions. MIT decided it was done.

NY Times

The Cynical Reason College Applications Are Surging

USA Today

Let’s return sanity to college admissions. Coronavirus pandemic gives us an opportunity.

The Washington Post

Harvard and its peers should be embarrassed about how few students they educate


Opinion: How to use a Moneyball strategy for college applications and find excellent schools that are undervalued

The Atlantic

The SAT and the ACT Will Probably Survive the Pandemic—Thanks to Students

Wall Street Journal

Behind the Curtain of Elite College Admissions

Selected Future U. Podcast Episodes

Will the teens be OK Thumbnail

Will the Teens Be OK?

New CDC data show that more than half of teenage girls in the U.S. felt persistently sad or hopeless in 2021, but it’s not just girls who are struggling. Lisa Damour, author of The Emotional Lives of Teenagers, breaks down the struggles of teenagers and the implications for colleges and universities from admissions to graduation and beyond.
The Great Realignment & Student-Athlete Wellbeing

The Great Realignment & Student-Athlete Wellbeing

Reporter Matt Brown from The Athletic and Arizona State University sports historian Victoria Jackson break down why the conferences have so much power over the historical foundations of American higher education.
A Looming Wave Thumbnail

A Looming Wave of Mergers and Acquisitions

The pandemic didn’t bring the wave of mergers and acquisitions that many in higher ed expected. Michael and Jeff talk with the head of Northeastern U’s M&A committee and an expert on M&A in health care and education about what’s next.

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